2021-present: Instructor, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Investment (undergraduate)

Introduction to Econometrics (undergraduate)

International Economics and Finance (undergraduate)

2015-2021: Instructor, Sichuan University

Econometrics (undergraduate)

Statistics (undergraduate)

Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

Economic Development of China (undergraduate)

International Economics and Finance (undergraduate)

Economic Development in the Recent 1,000 Years (undergraduate)

Macroeconomics (MA)

Macroeconomic Control and Forecast (PhD)

Advanced Growth and Development Economics (PhD)

Macroeconomics (PhD)

Dynamic Economic Analysis (PhD)

2006-2013: Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto

ECO100: Introductory Economics

ECO202: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

ECO209: Macroeconomic Theory

ECO325: Advanced Economic Theory ĘC Macroeconomics

ECO349: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

ECO365: International Monetary Economics

ECO230: International Economic Institutions and Policy

ECO381: Personnel Economics

ECO429: History of Economic Thought

ECO2061: Macroeconomic Theory (Graduate)

ECO2507: International Financial Markets (Graduate)

MMI1020: Applied Econometrics for Managers (Graduate)